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A Danyo Influence Production

Fools (DEMO) x Danyo Influence

“A Danyo Influence Production” is what you’ll hear when listening to an original track by Danyo. If it hasn’t already, that infectious intro will have you reciting it every time you hear it. Danyo has been producing music for over 20 years. As a young child, his mother introduced him to the piano, an classic worn and torn upright style she purchased at a yard sell. Growing up in South Central Los Angeles, his mother wanted him to have an positive outlet and escape from the dragnets & traps of the inner city of the streets. It was almost instantaneous how quickly he took to the keys and the melodic sounds that reverberated then still rings true as his peculiar style which transcends genres has been home groomed and developed. Danyo subsequently has become an self taught musician, singer/ songwriter and producer proficient in Piano, Drums, Guitar and Bass. 2010 debuted his Independently released LP titled “Little Birdy” and the following year released an RE-MASTERD and EXCLUSIVE version. Henceforth he has been working on a number of projects that has forced his musical endeavor’s on the “BACK BURNNER” for years, until now. Stay tuned to see and hear what Danyo Influence drops 2021.