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Let’s make an IMPACT together!

Soooo…. You basically already have your craft(s) dialed in huh? Lately you have been getting the best results and positive feedback from family, friends and peers right? I’m sure you have been told time and time again that you should consider taking it to the next level. We at MPTNZ.COM feel the same way YOU SHOULD.

It goes with out saying that 2020 had brought many let down’s to say the least for all across the nation and the world. Unprecedented times have forced people to become more recluse and home bodies. In this new stay at home climate, people all over have tapped into their creative minds. Often times out of boredom, and other time purely out of necessity. Perhaps you in the time spent on lockdown have though of some new product or creation worth taking to the world. lets be honest, how many times have you seen a “new product or idea” and said to yourself “I thought of such a thing before” but you perhaps didn’t beat them to the punch. well waste no more time if you have something to bring to the world MPTNZ.COM is here to help you get to launch.


Let me tell you about a client we lovely have nicknamed “Panda Girl” aka A.Harper of ” KREATIVE VIB3S APPAREL” Years ago (2016) when we had just began out custom t-shirt business, we had summited an ad letting readers know that we could make custom t-shirts and apparels at competitive pricing and fast turn arounds. “Panda Girl” answered the ad with an inquiry for business. She was interested in starting her own clothing line and wanted to start with t-shirts. We scheduled a meeting and produced her first batch of a humble 4-5 t-shirt order. Since that time we have continued to work with “Panda Girl” who remained determined to follow through and continue to invest in herself. She began to make sales online as well as pop up vendor locations in the local circuit. Along with us as well as third party designers she has developed multiple designs from the whimsical to straight poetic. Her hard work has gotten her numerous mentions in various news and social media outlets and her gear has even been spotted being sported by top WNBA players of the day. Panda Girls has leveled up something serious to the point that she has a dedicated following on and offline. She shows no signs of stopping and we salute her for her tenacity, she is a true inspiration indeed. see- ” KREATIVE VIB3S APPAREL”


MPTNZ.COM is here to hep you get you ideas to the WORLD!


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