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You Decide!

Just go ahead and do it already START YOUR OWN BRAND or LINE get it trending here at MPTNZ.COM.  We strongly believe that no one understands YOUR CREATIVE VISION better then YOU. Our staff are creators too, with deep understanding of the process of taking a vision from concept to creation. That’s why our capable staff will utilize their professional skills and knowledge, coupled with top notch customer care to assist you in manifesting your vision into reality.

With other “run of the mill custom t-shirt shops” You are limited in many ways as to how your t-shirts are ultimately produced. With silk screening for example you have a HIGH SET-UP COST per screen, with hidden cost if you decide to change up colors, sizing, effects, or add iterations. Similarly with “DTG” the still high cost and operation of the machines and auxiliary components and chemicals translates to higher COST for you. We at MPTNZ.COM utilize tried and true industry standard equipment and materials that result in retail quality merchandise with each order, no matter how small or large we pay attention to the highest detail aiming for your complete satiation every step along the way.


We have a simple 3 tiered system to help upstart brands and lines get started on the right foot. You pay a flat rate and receive (X) custom units; your logo or design with development if needed; promotion on site and social media; merchandise marketing; entered in monthly raffle for FREE VIDEO AD based on YOU & YOUR PRODUCTS at MPTNZ.COM (full details for raffle TBA

#1. $250.00 — brand development deal (BRONZE)

#2. $500.00 — brand development deal (SILVER)

#3. $1000.00 —brand development deal (GOLD)

CALL FOR DETAILS 1-877-21-MPTNZ (67869)


Our vision and goal is to empower new entrepreneurs through collaborations and great services to go on to more enriched lives.


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